August 15, 2021

Episode 16 - Macho Man and the Bizarre Search For Double A’s Battery

With 95’s festive frivolities finished, the WWF and WCW duly resume their ratings ruckus, giving the MNS boys a first glance at the wrestling wares being peddled in ’96.

First, we check in on Vince McMahon’s clan, who flushed a dismal ’95 down the (Raw) bowl and welcomed the new year with a new-fangled American football-themed, tag team elimination match/pigskin pun frenzy that was such a raging success they never attempted it again.

On the other channel, Nitro finally delivers for one member of the MNS team, but simultaneously sabotages their own format for a reasonably watchable television show by unleashing Hulk Hogan on the general public. The Hulkster, teeming with turkey, returns from his Christmas holi...sorry, suspension to challenge Ric Flair for the world title. Elsewhere, we see Lex Luger and Sting attempt to mend their fracturing friendship, Craig Pitman’s quest to find a manager *sigh* continues, and multiple wrestlers re-enact a 90’s style FA Cup draw on live TV, using Arn Anderson’s trunks as the bag.

For all of this and, would you believe it, more, plug your headphones in and hit sideways triangle.

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