March 1, 2021

Episode 13 - Shawn Michaels and The Unger Games

Ste, Jim and Liam return to ’95 to cast their eyes over another instalment from wrestling’s most famous ratings fracas.

Raw grant an unimaginable amount of air time to the most unpalatable of sources in a tasteless segment that has far outstayed its welcome…as Brother Love returns for another interview.

There’s plenty of time for talking this week though, as the good doctor Jeremy Unger gives us the skinny on Shawn Michaels’ concussion, Vince doles out a scolding and Bob Backlund’s descent into madness gathers pace.

Flick over to Nitro and an armistice may have been called following World War 3, but WCW’s best friends just can’t seem to get along. Desperate to curtail the treehouse squabbles of his top stars, Eric Bischoff has enlisted the services of an unseen ‘commission’ – find out the ironclad sanctions they’ve placed upon the great and good of TNT television.

There’s all this, and more, so let’s get cracking.

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