July 15, 2021

‘95 Xmas Special - Part Two

The summer is heating up, so cool off with a trip back to the winter of ’95 and Part Two of our WCW Christmas Special. 

We sample the offerings from box office blowout Starrcade ’95, as WCW’s flagship PPV bombed like a Blitzkrieg pilot in 1941. Ted Turner’s coin counters may have been wanting for action in the days that followed, but what few punters coughed up to see this show had plenty to keep them occupied, including the eagerly-anticipated Triangle Match, which pitted Ric Flair, Lex Luger and Sting against one another. The stakes were higher than a glue-sniffing eagle here, with a shot at the hallowed Big Gold Belt awarded to the victor.

Elsewhere, there’s the fallout from groundhog day in the booker’s office in the main event and, most excitingly, we stage the inaugural TMNS World Cup of Wrestling. The competition sees our very own Los Liam and The Nitpicker slug it out for squared-circle supremacy, as they desperately try to avoid an unforgiving forfeit. There’s all the drama you’d expect with such a prestigious prize on the line and no shortage of celebrity endorsement, with guest commentary from someone you may believe is the actual American Dream, Dusty Rhodes himself…if you are very easily led.

After all that, only one question remains – why are you reading all of this when there’s so much gold to listen to?

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